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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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also these reports are coming in from sources which our ability to where the arm syrian opposition none of them can really be confirmed as there are really no reliable sources on the ground in syria syrian t.v. at the same time is reporting that armed rebels have taken and have attacks all the refineries just outside the palms and have set those on the fire of course of that all of this comes. right on the heels of the recent visit of the russian's allegation to syria polling which president bashar lost that has said that he is willing to go to great plains in order to bring still peace in the country he has promised to go through with major reforms among them a referendum on constitution which should take place some time in march he's also. he's also said that he is more than willing to sit down for talks. with the syrian opposition on their part that the syrian national council which until now has been refusing for any negotiations with the current syrian government saying that it is a legitimate now the syrian opposition has said that they are willing to sit down
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and and carry out a dialogue with the syrian government but they have said that russia must provide a road map for those negotiations in fact both sides in the syrian conflict both the government and the opposition are saying that russia must perform and mediating duty in order to resolve this conflict let's have a listen to russia's foreign minister say sergey lavrov. on the matter. but it was really that we have suggested that certain parties capable of influencing the opposition groups especially those based outside syria will try to convince those groups to begin negotiations parties with influence on damascus have been trying to convince the authorities to do the same as i have mentioned the syrian authorities confirm they are ready to begin negotiations without putting forward any conditions. well unfortunately instead of putting pressure on this. syrian opposition with the world community seems more that more
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than determined to pull out their envoys from the country and russia's foreign minister has also extend has also expressed his opinion on this matter. i don't find it easy to comment on this because i don't want to give an impression that all these processes have a certain logic behind them we don't see any logic in them just as much we didn't understand the hurry decision to suspend the arab league observers mission to syria therefore i don't think that the ambassador's response helps create conditions favorable for implementing the league of arab states initiative just. a belgium italy and spain are among the latest countries to help pulled out you have recalled their ambassadors from syria and of course there is the the un but on bending rhetoric from a the from washington the white house it seems determined that the that separate
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us our last six days are numbered they're saying they're there or not they cannot imagine they cannot imagine any negotiations with the current syrian government also the all reports that the pentagon is looking at its military capabilities in in case of military options in the syria now of course they have said that they have not provided or they're not going to provide any military aid to the armed rebels in the country but they have also mentioned that no option is off the table when it comes to the situation in syria of course all of this is coming in the wake of recent a recent diplomatic row it's the united nations security council which effectively splits the security council into with russia and china vetoing the draft resolution on syria and the other countries seemed more than determined to see the to see the current government politic of its position and that is the message that said
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particularly western countries seem to be sending to the on the rebels in the country is a green light for them to intensify the fighting. it's already going to lock in moscow thank you. meantime in the light of reason the u.n. security council fallout so when moscow and beijing blocked a draft resolution on syria we spoke to russia's ambassador to the body of a tally says that piling pressure only on the assad regime gives a unilateral advantages to the rebels who are also to blame for the violence in syria. the latest round of military confrontation in syria started a couple of days before that resolution draft resolution was put to vote and the reason i'm here i'm trying not trying to justify anybody but simply trying to be analytical is that as the monitoring mission of that i believe was there and that as the situation was evolving everybody saw that the government troops were pulling out of certain towns or certain quarters and in cities that territory was taken
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over by armed rebel groups and that would mean that the the armed confrontation will continue and escalate and that was the reason for which were brought our amendments to the text of the draft resolution which would not only require the government to pull out its forces from from the cities but would also would also require the opposition forces to show restraint and not to exercise their military coup out every conflict. needs to be resolved through negotiations there are two ways really in my view one is a frontal attack against the regime something which i'm afraid has been happening lately including from some international important international players the advocates of regime change they have been trying to. resolve the crisis through frontally the toppling of the current government in the mosque but this is this
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would mean bloodshed and civil conflict and. conflict which would be spreading beyond the borders of syria but the other the more rational way the only way which the international community should be supporting. trying to put the parties to the table to bring them to the table and to arrange. among them in order to find a political solution with all for the bloodshed. and president of the arab lawyers association. says the reluctance of some states to support moscow's mediation efforts is nothing out of the ordinary he says it's simply a case of history repeating itself. this is very clearly an attempt by the west to thwart any effort of settlement because i don't think the western powers whether it's the u.k. u.s. france or the europeans and certainly the arab countries the gulf countries are really playing according to the rules that are being laid down to them by the americans they are the people who are trying to explore any possibility we've seen
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this before. where the west were supporting the opposition and they were i mean. anybody who wanted to have a dialogue with the government regardless of whether they were. not they were accused of being. stooges of the government or their agents of the government or they are not the path between now and this is that they are doing now at the present moment i think in terms of the opposition in syria and i fear that this is really why all of the russians are trying to get the opposition to talk to the government because that's the only way you can resolve the problem i think they will stop those people from even the opposition from discussing with the government sitting with them and this is really where they've done the same thing in libya where civilian and peaceful protest where converted into an armed conflict so
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that it gives the pretext for the west to intervene. we've also got an entire section dedicated to syria on our website of course of r.t. dot com there were also got a poll going on asking you what you think will come of possible peace talks let's bring out the numbers for this hour here on r.t. the vast majority if you believe that the west will find a way to remove assad regardless of peace talks about a fifth belief that even if an agreement is reached the opposition will not honor it eight percent say that the talks are doomed and won't achieve anything and the same number of you voted for the talks will bring long lasting it's hard to vote now. we're still tallying the numbers. while i still to come of the program here for you are the greek economy goes on sale a fresh. public rails against what they see as a bias of the nation's. ten minutes past the hour here in
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moscow. britain after the european court of human rights cleared the way for the release of. bin laden's right hand man in europe is the latest in a string of questionable judgment sort of over ruled domestic decisions and as aussies lower smith explains patients with the e.u. is rapidly running thin. a silver in land with its own queen its own currency and its own parliament law was made by someone else this building houses what we in the u.k. call list supremum court but in practice it supremes in name only despite being the highest court in the land when it comes to human rights if you don't like the way your case is going to you can take his abroad to france and decisions made in strasburg could overrule any may taya the european court of human rights was set
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up after world war two to avoid the persecution of minorities by the state but now it's been de railed that it was never never anticipated off the circle or war after the holocaust off the terrace perpetrated by certain tyrannical governments but the court now would be protecting the criminal and not the victim which delays in control of a sea have dogged the european court in stroudsburg there's a backlog of up to eight years and when cases are decided judgments are often bizarre in two thousand and ten the court decided to give prisoners the right to vote after a petition by john hirst who spent much of his life behind bars after killing his landlady the u.k. is still refusing to implement the ruling it makes me physically ill it would probably mean to give the vote to anyone who's in prison knows the aside it could
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also cost a fortune but the last time that we looked at this the cost of complying with judgments on the european convention of human rights was about two point one billion pounds a year that's three point three billion dollars plus another two point eight billion in a city seated one off costs in other areas an immigration ruling means a convicted nigerian rapist gets to stay in the u.k. because of his right to a family life. and most recently the european court of human rights ruled hate preacher abu qatada dubbed bin ladin's the right hand man in europe can't be deported back to jordan he's now gee to be released on to the streets of britain this is somebody who stands up and publicly. hatred about everything that our democracy is and stands for and yet we can't get rid of him because of the european convention on human rights sitting in strasburg forty seven judges one from each
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signatory country so far so fair except none of them were elected by the people of the countries they're making law for we've got a system of law and order in this country has worked for many many years for the seats or the mother why do we need brussels to tell us what we can and cannot do the answer is we don't so therefore british law for british people those who aren't calling for the u.k. to pull out of the european convention on human rights all together are demanding reforms to stop strides burke making decisions on what should be sovereign issues the court house to be more focused on fundamental civil and political rights not interfering in the daily lives. and in the ministration of the criminal justice system in the member states of the council of europe without reforms there's a risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater as nations pull out of the human rights court undermining it leaving those in countries with weak
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a human rights protections entirely vulnerable laura smith r.t. london. meanwhile our would be rioters in the u.k. could soon come face to face with a military grade chemical agents the u.k. government is being asked to clarify its stance on the use of incapacitating nerve gas although banned from use in of war there are fears it could actually be adopted by british wide police the full story standing by for us r t v dot com. also on our web site a holy war for america and rage the catholic priests are preparing for a legal fight with president obama saying his new health insurance policies are quote an attack on religion. washington is sending a top official to egypt to tackle cairo's crackdown on u.s. nonprofit groups where they played a pivotal role in the popular uprising that toppled president mubarak last year but are now falling victim to egypt's new military leadership. has been following the
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events egypt's new government crackdown on n.g.o.s has raised many questions and they may want to is why now the groups many of which funded by washington have been on the ground here for a while they were at the vanguard of the uprising against mubarak that eventually brought the supreme council of the armed forces to power last february and no one has ever seems to care about this so it's his income he's going to lead to take criticism to the new military leadership really mackoff for the slow pace of reform some of them are used by this. they are quoting people of the world. and they are the ones that evolution we have. won the radicals who live there this is very much a dangerous world the radicals this is fishy led to the prosecutors really seventeen this is an advocacy group to react to this event americans germans and
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egyptians are now facing trial for illegally using foreign funds to promote and run in the post mubarak country activists how would claim they are the victim of scabs reluctance to give up power with dreaming the people about with their brights with the scaf looking for enjoy. some agent against the regime and all the mind the round up of activists has also not examined you asked mr takes the secretary. further fueling tension between cairo and washington. isn't simply because. of them in a sort of plans for. i don't. think. so this is america's military aid to egypt reduce one point three billion dollars annually has been very serious there is a big week to condemn this car when in the days of blank checks are over.
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the end of the continued on flowing that the provide the support also continue. or washington's so-called support for democracy getting that in the east washington wants to step in always the situation as much as possible in order to get in to its interests they don't care about democracy meanwhile even those on the streets protesting against car share the council's concerns are being geno's motifs the usa has had a hand in chips policy making for years but the whole n.t. and your campaign has become the first serious disagreement between america and the countries your story chase cairo wanted to send washington and message that it's no longer the silent dog it was under the arabs but an independent state which will last so the rate of any outside interference some doubts though they really minute the end to military movement growing have a bigger you can see it over there this if you don't kill us all the armed forces are scaf now running egypt is in
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a very vulnerable position and this nationalistic pronouncement may just be a nationalist show put on to calm the people down and to win back a shred of credibility. in our teen cairo. he is going to live from moscow where it's an hour just turning twenty minutes past the hour on the brink of bankruptcy greece has missed its fourth deadline this week to present a draft debt deal to parliament leaders with hopes that it may finally do so later today however getting approval may be difficult more than ten thousand greeks are out of the parliament on choose day clashing with police while proto. wresting the latest reforms when they see their livelihoods and the country being sold out with little benefit for the parliamentary opposition is also strong with deputies wary of more cuts and tax hikes expected to accompany the deal greece has until march to secure financing or face before but according to investment adviser patrick young
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the e.u.'s hopes of a positive outcome continue to fade faced. this is truly finally the brink we are on the cusp of the great eurostar and all of the troika of the group of people the world by the i.m.f. the european union people they're all at the point where they know there is totally disaster ition in the rest of the world as to why they should be paying for a greek economy and the greek state that is totally completely and utterly by corrupt has been completely and utterly mismanaged for decades and ultimately tragically the greek people themselves are going to end up suffering as they already are problem is that all went wrong because a group of rather well rather hands in the sky kind of dreaming pie eyed individualists saw that there could be one single europe and they rush to compress everybody into single currency and ultimately none of the countries were actually remotely compatible economically in order to make that giant leap that's where it's
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gone wrong and this is a tragedy for europe and the european union. nearly time for the business with korea but for now let's check out some other international news in brief the r.t. brought up a all airbus a three eighty super jets are to be inspected after quantas found hairline cracks in the airliners wings manufacturer of the world's largest passenger jets says that repairs will be carried out if the dam i just found last month european safety regulators ordered checks on a third of the fleet of the cracks were discovered in parts of the wing on one plane singapore airlines emirates air france are among the airlines using these jets. sixteen people. pulled out alive from a collapsed pharmaceutical factory in la or as rescue workers continue dozens are still believed to be trapped under rubble with the death toll now at twenty one a three story building collapsed monday after several gas cylinder explosions the factory which local authorities had been trying to shut down was set up illegally
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in a residential area over the whole. all right in just a few minutes here it's time for opinions to clash as usual on all t's crossed talker this time people bringing up the issue of facebook's i.p.o. off to business news like i said now it's time for korea. hello and welcome to our business this hour good to have you with me russia's outstanding domestic debt grew in two thousand and eleven at the fastest race in fifteen years the money the state owns to the population has tripled over the last three years in two thousand and eleven domestic debt rose forty two percent or one hundred forty billion dollars that's on top of a forty percent advance the year before despite the increases the government plans to continue raising the debt limit and it has plenty of room to do so russia's debt to g.d.p. ratio is around ten percent which is one of the lowest among industrialized
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countries. that brings us to the markets no xchange rates for us the you see the euro is flat against the dollar and investors are keeping an eye on all the greek debt talks that would enable the country to receive its next load mental quest you funds here with russia the ruble has advanced against the dollar so it's highest level in five months on the back of stronger oil prices. oil is up for the second day afternoon and in this true pork shoulder crude stockpiles fell in the u.s. it is up over ninety nine a half dollars trancing over one dollar now while brant is trading at over one hundred sixteen dollars a barrel stocks in europe are higher as greek officials profession finalize a deal on a sturdy measures banks across europe pushed higher in london lloyds banking group gained one point eight percent barclays moved up one and a half percent mining stocks are also rebounding after sustaining losses earlier in the trading week. and here in moscow markets are up and midday trading with banking
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and energy stocks lifting the indices on prices the r.t.s. is up over one percent while six is over half a percent and the block. now let's have a look at some individual shammal some isaac's spare bank is gaining over one and a half percent russia's biggest lender expects the corporate loans to expand twenty five percent this year look oil is also high and supported by stronger crude bucking the trend though is food retailers several continental the company says it will buy back shares with a discount to the market price peter weston from tong says it's a good time for short term investments as russian stocks are currently trading at a discount in a number of sectors. for the first time i think again since two thousand and ten at the end russia looks our future actually attractive so that should be fundamental to feel support for russia in my view at least short term but if you have the most
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important thing is not a cool. two thousand and twelve we will turn around the some point we would have another big downturn but this moment of can probably last for a month month and a half i think we have to look into march we're going to have elections and it's a very difficult agenda with regard to europe meeting selections and also debt payments in march that could turn it around. first government wants to make its global satellite navigation system a big hit at any cost almost twelve billion dollars could be spent on russia's answer to the u.s. g.p.s. system by two thousand and twenty the program had been approved by the space agency and the economics ministry is now awaiting government's approval thirty one satellites are in orbit at the moment and russia plans to increase the number to thirty six in just eight years. russian firms us flashing record amounts on advertising despite the crisis prices for billboards commercials and t.v. campaigns are expected to grow as the economy continues to strengthen katie povey
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has the details. they say a picture is worth a thousand but you likely don't like this one block to close ross out in twenty twelve and that's because advertisement is selling big as the russian economy cries out this is tight advertise that according to something that market intelligence company. out of love on to. the rocks an appetite. to enjoy the big is big. enough followed by. market page china india and brazil and also there's a big posting activities going on at the big chill in the pleading of the cramming crowd and champions league matches to train the end game us guys and brown madrid these are likely to be the mud still spending bills like the one all macho
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presidential election would like me to see that i'm not. on television he'd like to thank them say benefit from a presidential election which is about to be a peak and these people these politicians love to write mud at each other across the page and why. it's not a different story for europe of course the time to talk up an advertisement dot com so when it played the thought hey i like the pretending it down this season and then we get a little bit shy i leave but it comes up i think this is down to twenty miles but the internet to look up twenty percent of me just ten days well that's all we have for this hour but remember you can always find more stories just log onto our web sites r t dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since
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two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses commandos to take care of all the people who are here the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to hear mass and i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical i've had a rescue a couple weeks i waited four hours for bit i've waited sometimes three hours but i was it's a same francis' in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall of patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care and emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world. and it's probably value the least.
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here in the russian capital this is. a polar approach to the syrian. stepping up its rhetoric for regime change in syria ignoring moscow's bring both. together for peace talks. the rift between the e.u. . and the european court of human rights. and washington's top military official will head to cairo to. criminal charges against american. crackdown on the west helped to bring them.
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to stay with us if you can hear on our. guests about the stock market flotation of the world's biggest social media site of course facebook. idealism despite public ownership and how many millionaires will it create overnight crosstalk. wealthy british style. sometimes. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our. kitchen.


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